Monthly Plan

Please send an email or give me a call regarding the monthly support service. 

Great deals on multiple PCs for Unlimited Technical Support.

Benefits of the 'Monthly Unlimited Support' Plan:


  • You can call me anytime on 0208 144 3374 or email me - 
    • If you have any issues at all then please get in touch anytime, or if you just need help, advice or are simply not sure about something.
    • I will aim to get any software issues fixed as they arise, and I can always advise and do my best to help with any hardware support issues if they do happen
    • I will also keep a note in my diary and be in touch with you every 6 Months to:
      • Carry out a comprehensive Tune Up on your PC
      • Do a Full 30+ point check to keep everything running as it should 
      • Help with any other issues you may be having and answer any queries you may have.
    • This is a complete PC support service, and i will aim to take any stresses away from you, and ensure you have an up to date and fully working PC:
      • I will ensure your PC is updated with the latest security patches and Windows updates to prevent any security issues.
      • I will ensure you have full Anti-Virus protection - no need to pay separately for this and we can remove (if you choose) any Norton or McAfee Anti Virus etc you may be paying for, to save you money.
      • I will ensure you have full protection and do regular scans for Anti Malware/Trojan's and Virus's 
    • I aim to stop the computer going wrong in the first place due to you having full support, and carrying out preventative maintenance tasks - the sort of thing that big companies do to their office PCs.
    • When i hear about problems that require any software patches to be applied urgently, i will be in touch.
    • If you have a USB stick or external Hard Drive, then i will also do full back ups for you, and can advise on best practises to keep your data safe and organised.
    • I can also help you with 'cloud storage' solutions to keep your personal data safe.


    I offer a friendly, jargon free service, and will guide you through the steps needed to start the Remote Connection session. 

    Any questions then please call or email and I will endeavour to help.